Centre d’Appui et de Services aux Entreprises Locales et Internationales 



The Center for Support and Services for Local and International Businesses (CASELI –in French) is a spin-off of Root Capital in Haiti dedicated to developing rural entrepreneurship and innovative leadership by delivering advisory services, mapping resilient business ecosystems, and investing in businesses that build sustainable livelihoods throughout the country. CASELI continues the work started by Root Capital since 2010 and inherited all in-country operations as of December 31, 2016.

As a sister organization of Root Capital in Haiti, we are now acting as a Business Support Operator (BSO) for Agribusinesses, SMEs and MSMEs. CASELI’s goals are to grow rural prosperity, promote resilient business ecosystems, ease foreign direct investment, provide continuous support to current local partners of Root Capital, help current and potential clients manage strategic – financial – technological – and country risks by developing local presence and affordable cultural competence to enhance enterprise value for local and foreign entrepreneurs. Under the Root Capital Haiti label, we have facilitated over $2M USD in financing and provided advisory services to 84+ local businesses including producer cooperatives and agribusinesses.

Center for Support and Services for Local and International Businesses Team Members

Located within Haiti and abroad, the Center shares many resources with current and prospective clients including administrative support and market connections as well as policy staff working on key issues such as rural workforce development, new or existing value chain design and reinforcement, and integration across farming and financial services. In addition to these resources, the Center has dedicated staff and consultants with extensive knowledge on business planning and supply chain management, accounting and taxation, lending and investing policy, and human capital development that provide enterprises specific technical assistance. The Center also facilitates business-to-business technical assistance by connecting counterparts (local and international) working on similar issues or to share expertise.


We envision a thriving financial market serving businesses and promoting entrepreneurial initiatives that generate long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainably in Haiti.


Our mission is to develop rural entrepreneurship and innovative leadership by delivering advisory services, mapping resilient business ecosystems, and investing in businesses that build sustainable livelihoods in Haiti.


Key Fact

CASELI is a new sister organization of Root Capital – locally registered in Haiti as a foundation and a for profit entity.

Key Fact

CASELI inherited all Root Capital in-country operations as of December 31st, 2016.

Key Fact

CASELI’s team includes experienced sustainable development driven individuals involved in the implementation of the Root Capital’s Haiti Program since 2010.

The Market Opportunity

Advisory Services...

is estimated to be a $5 million a year industry in Haiti.

Our market...

alone is in excess of $1 million a year.

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